We are weeping for our country. (Sept. 2, 2018)

In an earlier article, we wrote about how one negative number in a multiplication series (out of thousands) will always turn a result negative, no matter how many positive numbers preceeded or followed it. Thus, only a few publicly visible incidents were required to judge Trumps’ “inner heart”; like Charlottesville or his statement about “helping all the working men” at a rally by “”getting rid” of the “death tax”” which had no application to them, while Trump was tricking them to think it was a favor for them.

This applies to the records that the Republicans deemed “unavailable” in the Kavanaugh hearings, some, or even one, of which may have exposed him as unfit for the job.

Instead the Republicans just treated it as a bunch more writings and records, so many that there was no reason (and time) for a review (since there was already a plethora of pages that were released-though that release was at the very last minute). As if this information, which will effect the forever American future, was just a bunch of paper with script on it.

Well the same principal applies in the Kavanaugh situation that applied in the Trump election, that is, there was these noteworthy clues to Trumps’ unfitness. The Republicans failed and continue to fail to “read the fine print”, to grasp these clues, or worse, maybe not to care about them. Or perhaps the Republicans simply think they found someone, in Trump, whose ignorance and nastiness could be exploited?

This was no way to conduct a proper due diligence, and the Republicans absolutely knew this.

We are crying for our country.

P.S. Of course, all of this will come out at the further end, but by than, very grave damage to America may have occured. Past errant behavior like this eventually will become a stationary target. It is hard to believe that the Republican leadership isn’t aware of this. But beware, it may be a long road before this happens. In fact, when you think about it, Trump and his sycophants, aren’t really thinking about the future, as evidenced by their non-concern about deficits and global warming. They seem, like Trump, to be focused on stealing as much as possible from the present and immediate future.

Sept 19: As Trump sycophants argue that Kavanaughs’ alledged behavior occurred so long ago when he was just a boy, it is of no consequence in any case. However, what is undeniably, presently true is that Kavanaugh has denied it with the astute defense of saying “I have no recollection of this.” Come on folks, is that a really good enough response to win a lifetime job. The fault in character is in the denial.

Sept 26: Yesterday, Judge Kavanaugh released his old calendar showing entries for the summer of 1982, the year Blasey Ford claimed she was molested. Because there were no entries in the calendar, his team will argue that there is no corroboration for Fords’ claim.

There are perhaps a hundred pieces of evidence that may have corroborated Fords’ claim, which may have been discovered if the FBI did a thorough investigation, but to take this diary, which really proves nothing, and highlight it, is extremely misleading, to say the least. It proves nothing. (Accept it is something to make Trump supporters feel relief). How do we know if this small party wasn’t called at the last moment, for example? Of course we don’t. This was a calendar book and not a diary!

Concentrate your mind on the fact that Kavanaughs’ real appeal to Trump, was expressed in one of his Kavanaughs’ writings, which made the argument that a sitting president could not be indicted for a crime, in light of which it is not so odd, with all the Supreme Court potential picks, Kavanaugh rose to the top of the list. And now Kavanaugh has to be defended by a president who has already made so many awful cabinet and staff selections (many who already left in disgrace).