8/31/20- Let Us Look Ahead

What if Trump won the election and shortly thereafter proof that the election and/or vote count, was rigged or falsified in Trumps’ favor emerged. What will happen than?

With so many points of observation (such as the  reality of mail sorting machine removal,, potential widespread intimidation at at polling sites, delayed vote counting, in short, the experience of vote manipulation), what would have happened then??

We know, from all the books already published, about Trump, that his schemes only remain closeted for measurably short time frames. We all need to be grateful that we still live in an open society, where potential “observation points” are as numerous as the American population. Secrets and obfuscations can only exist for so long before they are analyzed and revealed for all to see.

Thus the real question becomes the aftermath. How will the general population of the United States respond, having the knowledge that their election was provably and undeniably rigged in Trumps’ favor?

We know that Trump is a “short termer.” He does not measure potential results with a very long rod. He is interested in making another dollar and another victory for the next day or (maybe week). Being a narcissist, who thinks he can outsmart everyone,  but he is merely an able tactician, and not a strategist.
And we think that Trump and his collaborators never really considered that. How many books and articles will be published in the aftermath, with titles like “Trump, The Illegitimate And Fake President of the United States.”

Does anyone really think that Trump and his collaborators were considering the backlash that the than clear majority of citizens of the United States were likely to demonstrate? The havoc created will have not favored the Trumpers in the longer run. The citizenry of America most likely was not ready for a full off dictatorship. It is highly doubtful that Trump and his cohorts were skillful enough to tame a full on revolt of half the citizens of America. Couldn’t they see that far?

Those folks are dumber than I thought. They are not smart enough to prevail. They can barely see beyond their nose.