Always intending to deceive (nothing new with that)

“Ninety-Four million Americans are out of the labor force” declared President Trump in his speech last night, as if to justify his coming awful actions on immigration and who knows what else? By the way, we understand that the script (yes it was only a speech) was crafted by his two lieutenants, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, both also masters of deception and NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programing).

What Trump didn’t say is that statistic includes all people 16 years or older (that is high school and college students) and all non-working housewives, retirees, seasonal workers who are off season and not looking for work, basically everyone over 16 who is not working and not looking for work.

So the grim numbers, the ridiculously exaggerated numbers, intended to deceive, were no doubt the backdrop for the promotion of extreme policies that will ultimately permit him and his minions to achieve their now hidden intentions. What are these intentions? They are hidden from view in the minds of Trump, Bannon and Miller . If you want to understand them, we recommend following the money and studying the pathways to power utilized by past oligarchs and autocrats. The American future is going to be about power and money, but alas not our power and not our money.