An Anti-Science President Is the Real National Emergency

An anti-science president endangers us and our planet. At this point, it is already too late to prevent many of the harmful effects of global warming. Losing two or three years of efforts to mitigate global warming, in view of its’ logarithmic progression, is in itself a tragedy, but exactly what do the deniers actually deny?

Is it that human civilization is not the central cause of the phenomena? And therefore, global warming is of no human concern?

Or is it that global warming is not actually happening, that the climate is not actually changing, but weather patterns are simply in fluctuation?

In the first case, humans not being the cause, does that mean that the phenomena of global warming is not still a planetary emergency? Why wouldn’t that need to be addressed as soon as possible? Shouldn’t we be building dykes, addressing building codes, fortifying at risk structures, or at least talking about these things?

Or worse, does Trump (and his sycophants) actually think that global warming and climate change is not happening at all? That it is merely a “hoax,” even as it is in plain view?

This is a kind of delusion that blocks action to prepare and build infrastructure resilience. In either case, our nations leaders are failing us and endangering our grand and great grandchildren. What kind of world are we leaving to them?