April 6 Health Care proposal

News Release

“The amendment that the Rules Committee approved Thursday afternoon on a party-line vote would set up a federal insurance pool for those with serious and expensive medical conditions such as cancer, congestive heart failure and AIDS. The fund is intended to subsidize coverage for patients with those serious preexisting conditions to lower premiums for healthier patients”

Since this idea subsidizes, in full(?), what the industry now considers “catastrophic illness” the effect will be socializing all these ensuing claims. No one knows what restrictions would be placed on claim costs (like life saving but expensive surgery, transplants, costly drugs, etc.)

One wonders, in any case, if it could pass muster with enough republicans, and whether the dems will be  happy  with the details (with Trump, the devil will always be in the details, details well disguised to  get by the public while creating good  talking points).

Fortunately, the dems know that by now. It’s downhill from here.