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We Think We Can Luck Out (10/1/2020)

The one great strength Trump has is narcissistic personality disorder. The one great weakness Trump has is narcissistic personality disorder. Trump thinks, of course, that he is smarter than everybody else, which is an intrinsic symptom. And of coarse he is not. But the belief empowers him.

Since the majority of us don’t have this affliction, we don’t normally assume it in another person we interact with. Often, we can see the representative behavior as that of a person who might be smarter than us, or have better insight than us, upon which his opinions are based. And, of course, that isn’t true. The tactics that he learned, like using the technique of “social proof”, nicknaming, impugning his “enemies” by applying the term “they got caught” (which is a use of the timeworn persuasion technique of casting presuppositions in a way they are casually, if unconsciously, accepted by a listeners brain), of course no one really “got caught” and finally by nurturing a small core of disaffected “supporters” (and there will always be some core of such folks), capturing enough of them in his act, to actually game the system to “win” presidency.

Trump is cunning enough to exploit this narcissistic personality disorder to his advantage.

But every front has a back. And the bigger the front, the bigger the back. Since Trump thinks most others are dumb, it really isn’t surprising that he will eventually, in time, himself be be “caught”, when his affliction leads him into overplaying his hand. like now. Yes, most human beings are not as dump as Trump thought. Everyone can now (or almost everyone) can see his true Achilles heel.

The American people are finally seeing him, as transparently weak. Like the emperor with no clothes. Naked. But still unabashed. That is the nature of his persistent disease. And the more we see, the more ridiculous he appears.

9/21/20- Looking Beyond The Horizon

You know, something breaks in your home and out comes the crazy glue. You try to fix it, but the problem is things seem to break apart at a critical juncture, areas that are normally under the most stress, where you perhaps put the glue on last time.

What are your choices? More glue, and maybe more, in the hope that you can hold things together a bit longer.

Trump has broken a lot of things, some of which put the planet at even greater risk of more breakage.

The crazy glue (Trumps’ equivalence: lies) can only last for limited time spans, especially as unglued breakage causes stress on what remains. Until it all falls apart.

This is what the philosopher, Hegel, referred to as the “anti-thesis”- the falling entirely apart. And this is where we are now. Where are we headed?

The problem is really this: not enough of us are looking far enough into the future. Glues dry out quickly while stress remains. Victory is not permanent, though it often seems so. The real spoils of battle soon themselves spoil.

The Republicans and Trump (and so many of us) are not looking far enough into the future. Glue dries out quickly, while stress remains. Victory only seems so until the spoils of war themselves spoil.

Sad, very sad. They may have a victory, which will only insure a more brutal future defeat. A tortured world eventually affects all inhabitants, themselves included. Such is the law of the universe.

The world that Trump is trying to build is UNSUSTAINABLE. It lacks the most critical quality of human interaction: AGREEMENT.

P.S. Think for a moment that you are a Trump collaborator and Trump loses the election. You strongly wish to avoid that outcome, perhaps at any cost. Terrible idea to ponder. It’s a long elevator ride to the bottom. For you, it’s not a matter of ethics and right, it is a matter of survival. It is no longer a matter of America first, it is about protecting yourself. That is why the coming days are fraught with risk.

8/31/20- Let Us Look Ahead

What if Trump wins the election amidst widespread proof that the election was rigged in Trumps’ favor? What will happen than?

With so many points of observation (such as the  reality of mail sorting machine removal,, potential widespread intimidation at at polling sites, delayed vote counting, in short, the experience of vote manipulation), what happens then??

We know, from all the books already published, about Trump, that his schemes only remain closeted for measurably short time frames. We all need to be grateful that we still live in an open society, where potential “observation points” are as numerous as the American population. Secrets and obfuscations can only exist for so long before they are analyzed and revealed for all to see.

Thus the real question becomes the aftermath. How will the general population of the United States respond, having the knowledge that their election was provably and undeniably rigged??

We know that Trump is a “short termer.” He does not measure potential results with a very long rod. He is interested in making another dollar and another victory for the next day or (maybe week). Being a narcissist, who thinks he can outsmart everyone,  he is merely an able tactician, but not a strategist.
And we think that Trump and his collaborators are really not considering that. How many books and articles will be published with titles like “Trump, The Illegitimate And Fake President of the United States.”

And do you really think that Trump and his collaborators are considering the backlash that the now clear majority of citizens of the United States are likely to demonstrate? The havoc created will not favor the Trumpers in the longer run. My generation well remembers hiding under school desks in preparation for a potential nuclear attack. The world eventually thought better.

These folks are dumber than I thought. They are not smart enough to prevail.

Mark Meadows interview with Jake Tapper (August 16, 2020)

Mark Meadows went on with Jake Tapper and was reminded that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Meadows didn’t disagree with that statement, but he retorted:
“there is no evidence that there is not either.”

Let’s play with some logical analogies to comprehend the absurdity of this response. Let’s say the following: There is no evidence that person “A” is a criminal. but there is no evidence that person A is not a criminal. And since there is no evidence that he is not a criminal, we need to treat him as if he were a criminal (just to be sure, one supposes). In other words, even if we have found no evidence that person A is a criminal, we have to collect evidence that he is not a criminal. Question: what evidence would be satisfactory? How does one collect evidence of non-criminal behavior? We are not talking about “motive” here, we are talking about everyday behavior. Of course, anyone can see the absurdity of this.

In science, guided by logical principles, we can make assertions about phenomena that has happened, we can witness it, document it, effectively prove its existence by repeated observations of it.

So no one has observed widespread voter fraud. Surely, if it were widespread, it would have, to that extent, been widely observed.

You obviously can’t observe a non-occurrence. And, unfortunately, Mark Meadows is an idiot, who has mastered the technique of speaking, dressing and looking like a chief of staff for a failed president.

Warning: This is Dark!

The question really is simple, what can be expected of another Trump term?
> If there are solid hints of voter suppression, post office issues, irregular counts, strong evidence of fraud, (all quite likely actually) we are in for true chaos in the US.

> We can expect extreme suppression of widespread citizen demonstrations, extreme executive orders, painful boycotts, widespread arrests, instigation of protestors to defy control strategies, there is going to be backlash, really just chaos.
> All the while absent a firm and effective coronavirus strategy.

> Trump will promote his win as a complete endorsement to do whatever he pleases, mostly by executive order. This is not, what Biden says, “a battle for Americas’ soul”, it is really a battle for Americas’ life.

> Trumps’ total lack of empathy really does extend tragically to the very concept and well being of 330 million citizens, all of us.

> I really wouldn’t be concerned if all the dictators in world history were successfully thwarted before creating death and destruction, but it is simply not so.

Corruption For All To See (7/11/20)

Most of us can clearly see corruption in a persons’ actions, but corruption can be found in what a person fails to do. Trump pardoning Roger Stone is quite visible, of course. Even before spending a day in jail for his crimes. But what about the many hundreds in prison who really deserve a pardon? How many has Trump pardoned in this group? And why not?

The message, of course, is if you support and protect Trump, he will shelter you from the law. He will take care of you.

No matter if you break the law. If you want to understand Trumps’ behavior, simply rewatch the Godfather.

Trumps’ Vacuous and Dangerous Mt. Rushmore Speech 7/6/20

The speech (probably written by Stephen Miller):

“….We will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children or trample our freedoms…we will teach our children to cherish and adore our country so that they can build its future together, we will fight for the American dream”…..

Now think for a moment about these phrases. How do you “teach” your children to cherish and adore their country (and not the people in it)? Does Trump mean “properly” indoctrinating them, as done in communist China, or was done in Nazi Germany? And Trump non-supporters that “trample on our freedom” (like wearing a mask so as not to spread the virus to others?), or indulge in a legal protest?

And “fighting for the American dream.” What does that really mean? Big great sounding but meaningless words really.

One doesn’t “fight” for his/her dream. One strategizes, plans, invests, labors and visualizes their dream. And indeed, what is that dream really?

The most important thing is to define it in order to realize it. Otherwise it is just a fancy word Trump might have used at a Trump University workshop. Indeed, heaven forbid Trump defining and revealing his dream. This is yet another Stephen Miller vacuous speech and Ivanka probably helped him.

The Charade Continues, by Martin Westerman, 6/22/20

Once upon a time there was a kid standing on a street corner holding the strings to a bunch of helium balloons, and selling them to passersby. A policeman came along and said, “Kid, do you have a permit to sell those balloons?” And the kid opened his hand and said, “What balloons?”

In Steve Bennen’s new book Impostors, he describes how contemporary Republicans have quit governing and become a “post-policy party.” They may present themselves as officials who are ready to take problem solving seriously, but they only focus on pursuing and maintaining power. At war with expertise, evidence and data, they’ve basically embraced nihilism, gaslighting, and bait-and-switch scams to fool people into voting for them. In office, they avoid relying on anyone who knows about policy or can hold them accountable, work to pack federal courts with creationist-theocratic, anti-woman, pro-corporate judges, inject Christian theocracy into military and civilian affairs, make deals to benefit their wealthy supporters, and transfer public money into private pockets.

Let’s look at two examples.

Cutting the federal payroll tax to stimulate the COVID-depressed economy. Independent Media Institute reports that as COVID continues unabated, Trump & Rs’ are proposing to replace Social Security’s dedicated revenue with deficit-funded general revenue. It looks like a gift – middle-class tax relief, but instead undermines a dependable source of retirement income for working Americans. It’s “fiscal stimulus” bait with an insecurity switch, a stealth attack on Social Security. One should only give up something good to get something better. This isn’t the case here.

Tax cuts don’t solve coronavirus problems, robust public health responses do. The Trump administration isn’t providing those, but it’s gaslighting America by pretending it is. Better options to stimulate a COVID-depressed economy: provide paid sick leave, free coronavirus testing, and treatment for all. Make a one-time, progressively-structured direct payment; restore and expand the Making Work Pay Tax Credit, expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and/or provide greater economic stimulus – all more targeted and equitable, and none placing administrative burdens on employers.

Big winners in this proposal: large corporations and employers, CEOs, U.S. Senators & Representatives, and members of the Trump administration. Big losers: salary and wage earners. As wages go down, so do benefits. State and local employees who do not participate in Social Security also get nothing. By law, Federal Insurance Contributions Act payments (payroll taxes) can only be used to pay Social Security insurance benefits. Social Security has no borrowing authority, and it does not and cannot add even a penny to the deficit. As the late President Ronald Reagan eloquently explained, in his words, “Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.”

Re-opening the economy: As Ayoka Karis Warren wrote on Facebook in April 2020, forcing the Georgia economy to re-open is a very calculated move by GA Governor Brian Kemp. He mandates that restaurants reopen, whether they do or not. “I file for business interruption insurance, it does not go through since I am “allowed” to operate at full capacity. My landlord can demand all his money, since I am now allowed to fully operate. Furloughed staff that is collecting unemployment insurance has to come back to work or I have to let them go. Their unemployment insurance then goes on my tab, and if things blow up again, they are still on my tab, not the state’s, since they are no longer employed. This is about screwing the working class and small business, not about helping them.”

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the job of Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy, was to divert attention from the people who really ran the galaxy. Trump may see that as his Presidential role; as a reality show host, he is adept at it. And anybody who runs for President must be long on ego. But they must also appear to be personable, at which Trump is not adept. Any successful President must also play with interest groups and voting blocks, but with a sense of their effects on individuals. To succeed, they rely on advisors with their fingers on the pulses of people and events, so they can make the most equitable possible big decisions – about domestic & international economics, social, infrastructural, strategic and defense policies.

When we say we’re in a war for the survival of America’s institutions in 2020, we mean for the structure of what makes America a successful country: recognizable and dependable policies, supported by good research and experience. In 2016, America elected a clone of Loki, God of Chaos, as President. Chaos doesn’t work for governing 350 million Americans. Good policy does. Not un-policy.