I used to love walnuts and almonds. Oh well.


While the Trump EPA considered  serious and troubling findings about the pesticide chlorpyrifos, (see link above) which the Obama administration banned in 2015, it indicated that “scientific uncertainty about possible harm” led them to remove the ban. The EPA, under its new leader, Scott Pruitt, did say that they will keep studying the chemical.

Now here is our point. This is just backwards. The criteria for approving a chemical insecticide used on our food should be, certainty of no harm. Or at least reasonable certainty of no harm. And chlorpyrifos absolutely fails that test.

In our earlier “Think Stupid” post in this blog, we talked about redress for citizens harmed by others. Citizens that are harmed by farmers and insecticide producers who use or make poisons that contaminate our foods that make us sick, need redress. One wonders if perhaps  Scott Pruitt, who “green lighted” the use of this poison on our vegetables and nuts, can  himself be sued, when evidence and/or victims of chlorpyrifos contamination emerge? And if not, why not?

P.S. Back in December, Trump announced the appointment of Dow Chemical’s CEO (Dow is the manufacturer of Dursban, which is Dow’s brand name for Chlorpyrifos), Andrew Liveris, to head the American Manufactuing Council in the Trump administration. Is stuff like this, being granted ego and business boosting official designations, and passes on environmental rules, the payback for Liveris’s political support? That is surely a timeworn ancient tactic..(remember, we said earlier in our blog that Trump is a master tactician)

We often think, how can some of our most successful business leaders, like Liveris, rationalize their support for BOS Trump? Why would a smart person give such credibility to a proven liar?

And than we realize that they are most benefited  by looking  at their business results from quarter to quarter, the incremental after tax results of their enterprises, and the share values that they hold and increase for themselves,  and  hopefully, at least,  for their investors and employees.. They are not hired and compensated for putting country ahead of enterprise, planet ahead of personal wealth. And frankly, they  are not concerned about your grandchildren.



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