Impeachment? Trump, a step ahead of the coming protests?

    We 12/29/17

    What if Mueller’s investigation fails to lead to Trumps’ impeachment? Or if the investigation is somehow ended by firing Mueller?

    Many more public demonstrations are extremely likely in either case. Hopefully they will be peaceful, but surely they will be disruptive. Thousands of people in the street, by their mere presence, will inadvertently be blocking traffic and workplace entrances. How will the Trump administration respond?

    We believe that the administration is preparing for just such an eventuality. One example is the expansion of the private prison system.

    Another by the appointment of crony supportive judges.

    Let’s be honest with each other. This is the president who equivocated ligitimate protestors with Neo-Nazis, when referring to an incident where an innocent woman was run down and killed and 19 others injured by a neo-nazi during a lawful protest. Trump said that there “was blame on both sides.” Joe Biden recently remarked, this was the telling moment for him. Surely many others too. This Trump comment will go down in history as one of the greatest presidential blunders of all time. But we should be glad he couldn’t keep it to himself, as it truly revealed Trump for what he was.

    This is what we are dealing with now. There are not enough prisons presently to house or threaten all the potential protestors, and the presidents’ collaborators, like Jeff Sessions, know this, and thus they may be preparing. This needs to be tracked carefully.