It’s like the Aids epidemic

  • Oct 23, 2019

According to this Mike Pence had known about the quid-pro-quo all along, and thus, in his compliance, has been totally corrupted. Once a person is corrupted, the condition becomes unalterable. It sticks to him/her forever, compromising the “immune system”, and continues to spread, having created yet another carrier.

Once a person “misdeeds” it becomes almost inevitable for more misdeeds to follow as each misdeed is further self rationalized. It finally, mercifully, becomes like a “house of cards.” This is how dictatorships are formed, out of a sort of epidemic phenomena, with people infecting each other.

This is the ultimate sin of Trump, having nurtured and spread a disease, and now affecting the souls of many, somewhat like Aids affects an afflicted human body. (this also means that impeachment would have to reach down to Pence and below)

Like any fast spreading virus, it is all too easy to see this becoming a planetary phenomena. There are already too many signs.

Trump voters and followers are infected. They believed him, voted for him, and continue to support him. One of the psychological effects of such a disease, cognitive dissonance, induces denial in the afflicted. No one likes to admit to illness and being sickly. They will continue to deny even what their own eyes see, and look away, and deflect, as they too have been infected.

This is really a Code 1 alert! When will the fever break? Or will our world be the next Atlantis?