Lies, lies, and more lies.

Date: June 18, 2018
Subject: Why Trump’s lies about German crime are so important | MSNBC

Lying about Germany’s crime rate, in an attempt to criticize its immigration policy, is stupid for so many reasons, not least of which it is so easily refuted, simply exposing him as a liar.

But what is the larger point about him dragging our nation into the role of an international pariah? Ultimately threatening the US to become a discredited, even laughable, country?

Was the lie just one of his normal tactics? One of his “feel good” lies, unlikely to be questioned by his base? Is Trump getting so comfortable (or maybe so careless) in lying because his base is willing to accept all that he says without question?

Hitler’s storm troopers also accepted Hitlers’ words without question.

We fear that Trump is now picking and separating his desired allies into categories: friends and enemies.

Russia: friend, Germany: foe; Autocracies: friends; Democracies: foes