Negative Interest Rates (the ridiculous, revolting, stupid Trump concept of negative interest rates).
> This idea means that if you buy a treasury bill, you will have less money at the end of its term than you started with. You will literally pay a fee just to own an investment that has a guaranteed loss built in! Keep in mind that we can’t lower formerly created liabilities, that is previously issued government bonds, because interest rates cannot be legally lowered on Treasury bonds.
> Now since we finance our Hugh budget shortfall and redeeming of our previously issued maturing bonds, each year (billions of dollars), by borrowing more(that is, issuing new bonds) , and rational investors (as most treasury bill investors are) will not hand over good money buying bonds that guarantee a loss, the policy will need to be quickly reversed or we will just have to print the dollars not provided by investors (causing an inflation the likes of which have never been seen in the US.)

And this brings us to another dilemma, not one that Trump can easily solve, and may greatly work against his re-election (assuming the dems bring it up). That is, the sorry plight of older retirees, looking for positive returns on their life savings. Many of them, looking for very low risk investments, such as bank certificates, that yield enough interest to match their expenses, will have no where to turn.

And what about workers’ pensions? Pensions have been drastically affected by low interest rates. Recent reports about General Electric, for example, highlight the problem. In an earlier post, we highlighted how Mitch McConnells’ clearly unqualified brother-in-law (Gordon Hartogensis), somehow got to head up the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. It is this agency that monitors and bails out underfunded and/or failed corporate pension plans. These pension plans have been devastated by low interest rates (because the companies that fund them are compelled to make higher (often impossibly high) contributions when interest rates decline, in order to meet pension funding requirements. Of course, no one realized that the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation would require some real expertise when its former, highly qualified head, was fired to make room for Hartogensis.

General Electrics’ pension plan (along with others) threatens to drive that company into bankruptcy due to the persistence of low interest rates over the last several years. Consequently, retiring and/or terminating employees will suffer greatly, and all the more as Trump tries to engineer continued lower interest rates.

Will they connect their plight to Trump? A person with the mental capacity of a thirteen year old. A person who cannot see forward to likely and unlikely outcomes to his brash actions. A mentally deficient person. A dangerously mentally deficient person, because his field of “vision” restricts itself solely to what he thinks may benefit him most and most immediately. Long range vision? We often talk about great people of vision. Trump has none.

Hopefully the Dems will help all the harmed persons see that it was Trump and his cohorts that inflicted that harm on them.

> As Rex Tillerson has said, prior to leaving office, Trump is a moron.