Refer back to “Finisteride President” prior to reading this

1/12/17: Stephen Miller stated today that there was massive (3-5 million) illegal immigrant votes. The statement was unaccompanied by any evidence. CNN’s John King  said: that Voter Fraud Claims “Ludicrous,” White House “Spewing Garbage.” But at the end of the piece he said “Why, somebody tell me why?”… Why are they saying these things”.

Maybe we should start calling some of these Trump folks “collaborators,” along with the rest of the signed on team, some of who are likely just coattail riders looking for prestige and power.

Let’s look at what exactly Miller said. I doubt that the president is going to restate exactly (word for word) what Miller said. He will, of course, just reference it. What Miller said was that he was prepared to go on any show anywhere anytime and repeat it and say the president of the United States is correct, 100%. If he does say that on any show, what he said today will be 100% true because he told us today that he was prepared to go on any show and say that the president was correct, that he had that belief about voter fraud, and no one can disprove that you have or don’t have a belief. Beliefs are personal.

Everyone knows a selfish person who rationalizes himself to be generous, and a mean person that believes he is kind, .Anyone can fake a belief, people even lie or fake to themselves.

If you told me that you had a belief, who am I  to  dispute you and prove that you didn’t have that belief? The point is that if they could say that they  believe this, with their remedy being the awful economically and socially destabilizing deportation, or even jailing, of  3-5 million people, we have a big problem.

Just consider the families, businesses, social and religious groups that these folks attach to. How will they vote next time?

On the other hand, If they don’t really believe that 3-5 million people voted illegally, is Steve Miller lying? Well no, because he didn’t really say that. He can say that he only was referring to what he was “prepared to say”, and what the president’s belief was, and not whether the facts of what he said were true or untrue.

So let’s assume that they don’t really really believe that 3-5 million people voted illegally, but they want everyone to think that they do believe it. Why? One presumes to build a grounds justification for deporting  millions more people, (and even jailing some)  probably accompanied with additional lies.

However, it is not hard to see that the extreme disruption following “illegal voting” remedies would affect the results of the next two year election and surely the presidential one four years hence. . The republicans and Trump would undoubtedly lose millions and millions of future votes of folks sympathetic, connected or related to the unfortunate deportees. ..

On the other hand,  the false claim regarding voter fraud may be the rationale for extremely onerous  rules aiming to control voter participation, which could more than offset the losses mentioned above.

Indeed, what might be the final effect on voting outcomes on state and local levels, let alone in the next presidential election?

If this is part of a long term plan, we all need to see Trump’s “whole hand” And while we reported that Trump is not a great strategist, we do think that he does indeed have an undisclosed hand.

Can it be that Trump and his collaborators and coat tail riders are all dumb? We can now only wonder if the bets on their hand considers the laws of chance?. Could the bets be terrible bets with horrible odds?,  (as they would be absent future connected plans for extreme voter suppression). Indeed bets that smart people would never make .

What worries us  most is that these people are likely not dumb. If so,  you can only make a few assumptions, neither reassuring:.

  1. We are on the verge of a totalitarian state, or
  2. Finisteride side effects (and/or other unrelated  severe mental defects)  are having there most devastating effects on the President, and his collaborators and coattailers are just following Trump’s mentally unbalanced leads, crazy though they are. Maybe just to keep their jobs? or maybe….., who knows?

We should always keep in mind what Lord Acton said many years ago: : “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In other words, our situation will likely get worse.

Not very comforting.. .

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