Shoot migrants?

Protestor? Beat the crap out of him!

This is Trump talk at one of his rallies:

“Shoot migrants”, yells a trump rally attendee, and Trump actually responds:

“That’s only in the Panhandle you can get away with that stuff” (that is shooting migrants).

Analyze that to get a fuller picture of Trumps ‘ hidden brain process. Isn’t Trump saying, its ok to shoot a migrant, so long as you do it in the panhandle where you can, presumably, “get away with it”? (an area where Trump received 80% of the vote (ie-Trump country).

We have a president who believes it is also ok to do anything he likes, so long as it is marked with a single criteria: he can “get away with it.” And he thinks he can get away with anything, so long as he has his brown shirt supporters and politician backups on board.