The Presidential Pardon and Anarchy

There are thousands of people being punished for crimes not nearly as appalling as those that may have been committed by Arpaio. His sentence was just 6 months, and it was merely for contempt of court. Yet he perpetrated much suffering on his defenseless victims.

Might thousands now jailed have an equal or better claim for pardon deservedness than Arpaio?

The pardon was timed and announced under cover of a national emergency thereby drawing attention away from itself (the president’s own admission).¬† .Is this a transparent and amateurish strategy accompanied by timeworn tactics?

Can you imagine a world where Trump’s followers are enabled to commit crimes with the promise, if caught and convicted, of a pardon?

The president’s announced willingness to put up lawsuit defense money, while encouraging illegal violence on protestors, during his campaign, was an early warning sign..

And now Trump doesn’t even have to put up his own money!

Trump is on record for having queried about presidential pardon applicability for himself. The question for now is, can pardon be granted to collaborators who commit crimes fashioned to protect the president?

Is this “brown shirt” stuff we are beginning to see? Might it lead to anarchy? What will be the price for resisters? Is there¬† a plan? Are the dots connecting?

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