The Trump Rally Truth 10/29/20

We can’t help noticing the huge crowds at Trump rallies. People obviously travel for miles around to be there. Meaning that they are not all representative of local populations. Surely some are just curiosity seekers.

Most are extreme partisans who are stuck in a psychological conundrum. Should they pay any attention to the obvious Trump failures and lies? or go with the premise that their original decision to back Trump couldn’t be wrong now? Heavens forbid, were they wrong?

I remember, reading as a financial advisor, when investors were defrauded by a Ponzi scheme, their initial impulse was to deny the existence of the scheme altogether. No one wants to believe or admit to being suckered.

I bet many Trump attendees go around to more than one rally. Reminds one of the recent super spreader motor cycle rally event.

But the key is this, as far as I can tell: for Trump, the rally’s are not about the attendees, they are about getting views of the crowds on TV. Social proof, one of Trumps timeworn tactics. Basically implying “look at all the folks crazy about loving Trump, shouldn’t you join them? “

so it is not about the actual rally, that mere thousands attend, it’s about getting shots showing the “huge” crowds on TV, so that “everyone can see”.

Which is millions. Smart tactic, basically borrowed from Hitler and even more effective due the wide embrace of modern media, such as TV and internet, which generously gives Trump millions of dollars worth of free publicity.

We didn’t understand the tactic at first, and now, in the final days, the light came on for us.
Trump surely knows that his rallies are superspreaders. He could care less. He hates the idea of packing and moving. And he grasped at the easiest, Most effortless non-solution for the epidemic, herd immunity. We know that it isn’t being well thought out. Hundreds of thousands of caronvirus cases will be created, and he hasn’t even mentioned expanding hospital capacity. If he wins the coming election, the real nightmare begins.