They are not just Bad, they are Incompetent and Bad.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: “Well, thank you, Mr. President. And I think what the President has made clear is we believe it’s a false choice between whether we are a country of law and order, a country with borders, and a country that demonstrates the compassion and the heart of the American people in this country, for families.

By taking this action, the President will make it possible for us to continue to engage in enforcing the law against individuals who violate our law, come into our country illegally. But NOW we’ll be able, in the prosecution in the immediate days forward, to keep families together as that goes forward.

We know now that the recent action to separate the children from their parents was not well planned. But how could they have missed the most critical bit of planning?? That is, how get the children back to their parents, after their threats and hostage crisis came to an end??

Note the last sentence in Pences’ statement. “in the prosecution in the immediate days forward, to keep families together as that goes forward

Was that a recognition and admittance of their now unthinkable dilemma, the one that Trump created and is now facing? That is, have some of these children been permanently orphaned? And if not, to what expense and effort is the administration going to go to in order to reunite those families?

As horrible as this prospect is, it goes to the essence of the Trump administration. That is, as stated by his fired Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, Trump is a moron. Trump is really incapable of thinking things through. He is reckless. Now we can only hope that Trump and his enablers are held accountable for the human catastrophe they created. We have written about this before, Trump is a tactitian, but not a strategist, which requires clear thinking. That is a trait that alludes him. There are and will continue to be many examples of this Trump flaw.

Just this week, as the trade tariffs issue hit U.S. farmers, Trump had no choice but to issue a multi billion dollar bailout to them, as many were Trump voters. Trump has often bought, ransomed, or bribed himself out of the problems he caused by his awful judgement. And worse, he is now able to use our hard earned tax money to cover his blunders.

This is all because, Trump, always the tactician and not the strategist, was unable to foresee the adownside of his simplistic tariff policy. These failings may be the archilles heals that save our country, showing that the “emperor has no clothes” to everyone, even while Trump threatens our destruction.