Trump Language Tricks

There are certain mind control techniques (many of them are language tricks) that President Trump uses which had, in the past, been quite successful for him. The problem is that once they are noticed and publicized, they entirely lose their efficacy. And now, he being so much in the public spotlight, that is guaranteed to happen. As it does, the world catches on that the emperor has no clothes.


Making a statement/accusation/insult absent taking personal responsibility for it:

Recently said by subject (regarding a judge’s recent immigration ruling):: “I don’t ever want to call a court biased, so I wouldn’t call it biased”.

Or this: “I won’t talk about Jeb Bush. I will not say he’s low energy. I will not say it”.

How about this one of repetitive rhetoric (filed by Mark Liberman) demonstrated in an interview with Trump:

“Q. Let me ask you about women voters-why should they vote for you?
A. Because I’m very much into the whole thing of helping people and helping women. Women’s health uh issues are such a big thing to me and so important and you know I have many woman that work for me I was one of the first persons uh people in the construction industry in New York to put women in charge of projects, I mean I have it even today, and I have many women at high positions. I know I’ve gotten a lot of credit for that, I mean I have so many woman working for me and so many women in high positions working for me and I’ve gotten great credit for it”

What is this repetitive rhetoric about? I mean is that a symptom of a mental deficiency? Or is it a way of hammering in his point? Or both? It obviously works on people’s brains. He got a lot of votes. I would venture to call it a listener brain exploitation technique. Beware and notice how little Trump actually says or explains to win his ways!

What about the nicknaming game he played during the campaign. We use to do that with each other in grade school. We all can remember how well it worked.
“Pocahantas”, for Elizabeth Warren, “crooked Hillary” “lyin’ Ted Cruz”, etc. It was devastating because everyone imaged the nickname, it became a descriptor, as ridiculous and elementary as it was, it stuck in our minds.

And yet another,  attributing his made up, non-evidenced ideas to other sources, in order to attain credibility. Statements like: “the smartest people I know are saying…….” and following that with a statement he wants you to believe (because you want to be one of the smart ones). It is fun to detect this trick, even as it is so insulting to the listener’s intelligence once they catch on.

What about Donald’s hand shaking technique, most obviously aimed at achieving dominance over a potential opponent. See it here: It’s the oldest story. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. It is really not going to work longer term.

Donald Trump is an idiot savant. Perfecting all those devastating techniques to get his way, sort of like a baby crying to get its’ bottle. He is a master tactician. It is easy to memorize and practice tactics. Even a mentally defective  person can do that. Where he will fail is in strategy, because strategy requires longer term, disciplined, multi-focus forethought and careful consideration of probable and improbable (though potentially highly disruptive) outcomes.

Let us challenge our readers to find and identify previous and future examples. It’s fun! And we would love to hear about your successful efforts.

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