War in Ukraine

When a country is attacked, and the attacker is focused solely on total victory, domination, destruction, something else is going on, behind the scenes, in the global environment. With news and instant communications flying around the planet, a peace loving burgeoning majority of humans (peace is after all an intrinsically life sustaining natural order and we would not be alive without it), are taking sides.

After all, we can’t help projecting, what if it was us being bombed? Thus a wave builds, almost invisibly, which at its routes is akin to an Hegelian anti-thesis.

And as criminal thugs are cast out of planetary societies, so too are whole groups (which can be described as “whole nations”) are, by necessity, cast out of a planetary society.

This “casting out”, this penalty, is evidence of what the philosopher Hegel surely would have called an “antithesis.” This species human survival trait is what is happening now. It is going to take some time. Hegel called what emerges a “synthesis.”

So after death and wide destruction, peace and harmony inevitably returns to the planet. And yes, we all do suffer fools and evil doers. Part of sharing a planet together.