Warning: This is Dark!

The question really is simple, what can be expected of another Trump term?
> If there are solid hints of voter suppression, post office issues, irregular counts, strong evidence of fraud, (all quite likely actually) we are in for true chaos in the US.

> We can expect extreme suppression of widespread citizen demonstrations, extreme executive orders, painful boycotts, widespread arrests, instigation of protestors to defy control strategies, there is going to be backlash, really just chaos.
> All the while absent a firm and effective coronavirus strategy.

> Trump will promote his win as a complete endorsement to do whatever he pleases, mostly by executive order. This is not, what Biden says, “a battle for Americas’ soul”, it is really a battle for Americas’ life.

> Trumps’ total lack of empathy really does extend tragically to the very concept and well being of 330 million citizens, all of us.

> I really wouldn’t be concerned if all the dictators in world history were successfully thwarted before creating death and destruction, but it is simply not so.