We Think We Can Luck Out (10/1/2020)

The one great strength Trump has is narcissistic personality disorder. The one great weakness Trump has is narcissistic personality disorder. Trump thinks, of course, that he is smarter than everybody else, which is an intrinsic symptom. And of coarse he is not. But the belief empowers him.

Since the majority of us don’t have this affliction, we don’t normally assume it in another person we interact with. Often, we can see the representative behavior as that of a person who might be smarter than us, or have better insight than us, upon which his opinions are based. And, of course, that isn’t true. The tactics that he learned, like using the technique of “social proof”, nicknaming, impugning his “enemies” by applying the term “they got caught” (which is a use of the timeworn persuasion technique of casting presuppositions in a way they are casually, if unconsciously, accepted by a listeners brain), of course no one really “got caught” and finally by nurturing a small core of disaffected “supporters” (and there will always be some core of such folks), capturing enough of them in his act, to actually game the system to “win” presidency.

Trump is cunning enough to exploit this narcissistic personality disorder to his advantage.

But every front has a back. And the bigger the front, the bigger the back. Since Trump thinks most others are dumb, it really isn’t surprising that he will eventually, in time, himself be be “caught”, when his affliction leads him into overplaying his hand. like now. Yes, most human beings are not as dump as Trump thought. Everyone can now (or almost everyone) can see his true Achilles heel.

The American people are finally seeing him, as transparently weak. Like the emperor with no clothes. Naked. But still unabashed. That is the nature of his persistent disease. And the more we see, the more ridiculous he appears.