Why White Replacement Theory Doesn’t Matter

7/9/22: Martin Westerman

A black hole at the center of a spiral galaxy called The Milky Way causes it to revolve in the universe. But 25,800 light-years away at the galaxy’s far end, on a tiny planet populated by tinier creatures – a small collection of pale-skinned hominids, think the galaxy revolves around them.

They call themselves “homo sapiens,” they call their planet “Earth,” and they are the latest hominid species to exist on Earth, which is 4.5 billion years old (1 year = a rotation of Earth around the “sun,” a minor star at the center of their solar system). Hominids have existed there for 1 million years. Sapiens – also known as “humans,” have existed for 100,000 years.

But today, about 40 million loud, pale humans who call themselves “White,” and live in an artificially bordered area called “the United States” (located between two bodies of saltwater they call “oceans”), are screaming and arming themselves against being “replaced” by hominids of other skin colors. Earth is divided into many artificially bordered areas (“towns,” “counties,” “cities” “states,” “provinces,” “countries”), each with its own human population, in various shades of skin color, various levels of “development” (ability to provide populations with adequate water, food, shelter and commerce), and various languages for communication.

Sapiens have developed a trait they call “humor,” which involves creating surprise at incongruity in context, or in a short story or question called a “joke.” The final statement of a joke is called a “punch line.” Humor stimulates a range of reactions, from a relaxation of the face to several bursts of exhaled air. Most sapiens possess some capacity for generating or appreciating humor, but generally, the more agitated the humans (like the Loud Whites), the less they appreciate humor. Humans judge humor with one of two statements: “That’s funny,” or “That’s not funny.”

Here is some humor:
• If sapiens are the last of five hominid species who once walked on Earth, and they have already replaced the other four species by seeing them die off, killing them or interbreeding with them, why is any sapiens worried about replacement?
• A joke: what do you call a sapiens whose skin color ranges from pink to brown? Punch line: A White.
• Another joke: What do Whites call non-Whites? Answer: “People of color” (or “POCs”).
• Another joke: which sapiens group represents less than 0.5% of Earth’s total population, and barely 20% of the United States White population, but thinks they’re the only humans who should occupy the Earth? Punch line: Loud Whites. Is that funny?

The Loud Whites’ activities in the United States would be humorous and insignificant if they existed in a vacuum, such as an asteroid in space. But they live amongst other humans, and magnify their agitation through demonstrations, murders, and broadly distributed public media, and control of local governments (agreed-on structures for managing affairs within borders).

Most Loud Whites subscribe to the “Christian” religion (religion: a belief and principles system generally based on myths, and presided over or commanded by one or more all-powerful gods or god-like sapiens). Must humans on Earth have agreed to abide by a Christian calendar based on the supposed birth date of the demi-god Jesus Christ, even though there is no agreed Year 0, time actually began at the birth of the Earth, and many hominid religions mark time differently, starting from 5780 to 10,000 years before the present year. The current Earth year is 2022 post-Jesus Christ birth, but is called A.D. (after death), while the years before the birth are called B.C. (before Christ). No Christians acknowledge the indulgence of other cultures in granting their time frame primacy, by calling it the “Common Era.”

Christianity shares founding documents (The Bible) with two other religions – Islam and Judaism. The Bibles are contradictory: they counsel both loving and respecting all creations on Earth, and dominating and killing all creations on Earth. The Loud Whites speak of the former, and act on the latter.

To power their activities on Earth, hominids originally used energy resources on the planet’s surface – water, wind, burnable materials (woody plants, oils from plants and animals), and heat from their sun. But late in the 1600s A.D., they discovered burnable, carbon-based energy sources beneath Earth’s surface (coal, oil and gas). These “fossil fuels” are the decayed by-products of life forms that lived on Earth 65 million years before hominids. They were wiped out by a meteor that struck Earth, caused geological disruption and oxidation, left dust and carbon compounds blanketing the atmosphere, and killed most of Earth’s life forms. Eventually, other life forms replaced them, including hominids 64 million years later.

Now, burning fossil fuels powers most hominid activities and inventions. Their oxidation produces carbon dust and compounds, which are again overloading Earth’s atmosphere and killing its plants, animals and humans. Hominid activities, including agriculture, habitation development, resource extraction, and landfills (designated collection areas for unusable objects), are displacing living areas of other life forms, driving many to extinction, and replacing them with imported species of flora and fauna.

Most of Earth’s flora and fauna exhibit both intelligence and the ability to communicate, but humans consider themselves Earth’s premier life form, and rarely recognize other species’ capacities, or communicate with them. Instead, humans exploit them for their food and economic assets. Humans even cannot recognize intelligence in other humans, or communicate with them, if their beliefs, cultures and/or colors differ from their own.

Since the Christian (or Common Era) 1400s, Whites from Earth’s Northern hemisphere have conquered vast areas of Earth’s Western and Southern Hemispheres by force, overwhelming, enslaving, subverting and/or killing (replacing) the original inhabitants (White and non-White alike) – all for the glory of the Christian gods. Whites accept and celebrate replacing others, but not others replacing them.

As part of their conquests in the 1700s, Whites created the ironically named “United States,” structured to favor only Whites over all POC, including the original inhabitants (misnamed “Indians”). Their founding document states that “All men are created equal,” but it meant only White males, not White females. POC were imported from the Southern Hemisphere to labor as slaves on farms without citizenship rights, and forcibly converted to Christians. When large groups of other United States Whites in the 1800s decided slavery was wrong, the pro-slavery Whites declared war on them to retain their slaves. They lost the war, and the anti-slavery Whites, who controlled the government, freed the POC slaves, and granted them citizenship rights. But pro-slavery Whites have been resisting this progress ever since, and now they control the United States government.

As POCs (and women) sought to achieve the freedom, economic and political status of White males, ruling Whites restricted their opportunities. The small group of Loud Whites has invented “white replacement theory” as the latest reason to restrict POC rights. Most POC Christians and non-Christian Whites think benefits can derive from shared opportunities, and do not subscribe to “White replacement theory.” But many Whites acquiesce to restricting POC and women’s opportunities, as a way to retain White male supremacy. Many Loud male and female Whites use their Christianity and 18th Century United States founding documents to justify restrictions on the rights and opportunities of anyone who does not agree with them – both POCs and non-compliant females.

Loud Whites insist the Christian religion is the best and only belief system, and that fossil fuel production, poisoning of air, land and water resources and life forms that depend on them, and warring activities are harmless and justified. They also insist that anyone who disagrees with them should be destroyed. Loud Whites therefore pose significant dangers to others on Earth.

It would appear that Loud White hominids should worry less about POCs replacing them, and more about their effect on Earth. Their planet’s natural processes may dispose of them and the hominids they fear, and replace them all with new life forms in due ourse. Whether this happens or not won’t matter to the planet, its solar system, the stars or the black hole around which they, not the Loud Whites all revolve.