Trump: Just a smart Chimp?

We have said earlier that bos Trump is a master tactition. Jane Goodall, who has studied apes for a lifetime recently published comments about Trump that mirror this view, while comparing him to an ape. Indeed many others have pointed to the astonishing similarity in appearance. But he was born such, and can’t be criticized for how he was born.

Instead, we are interested in the similarities of behavior. Apes depend for their survival on tactics. Trump is a master tactitian. The evolution of homo sapiens and other advanced mammals, such as dolphins, depended on developing strategic thinking. The ability to think strategically is dependent to a large extent on the condition of one’s brain. There is a quality of objectivity in assessing ones’ social and physical context which is required for optimal survival. . We maintain that Trumps’ emotional condition mitigates against having sufficient situational objectivity to be or stay in the “right ballpark” as it were. In simple words, there is something not quite “right” here. 

Perhaps it is the combination of his daily uptake of drugs, like finasteride, combined with the preceding  mental illness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Fortunately (or unfortunately for Trump) being the president of the USA exposes one to a lot of scrutiny, and ones’ flaws and excesses, let alone mental illnesses, becomes really impossible to hide. As time passes these will be increasingly  obvious to all onlookers.  And in borrowing one of our subjects’ oft used language tactics, (persuasion experts call it appealing to ” social proof”) “everyone is saying ” yes indeed, everyone will be saying that “the emperor has no clothes”.

On this date 11/12/17, after monitoring Trump’s fast receding  approval rating, it has become apparent that more and more Americans are catching on to the fact that they have been hoodwinked by Trump. We have tried to make a contribution to our beloved America by writing this blog. We worry a little about the cognitive dissonance drag. This occurs when one is strongly opinionated while challenged by evidence that they were misled, misinformed, or simply made a bad choice. We humans don’t like to think that we make mistakes. So we find ways to deny the evidence. But eventually additional emerging evidence just becomes too overwhelming  for even the most stubbornly held beliefs to be retained. At least we hope so.

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